About Us

Allinon Pharma has proudly strived to raise the bar for the local pharmaceutical industry by delivering a higher quality of products to its customers since its inception in 2013. In pursuit of this goal, Allinon Pharma pairs high-quality natural products with sterling customer service.

Our Featured Products


MediKrill, one of the most sought after source of Omega 3, is harvested from the Antarctic Ocean and extracted from the most distinguished patented extraction process, gives your body the essential DHA & EPA, Astaxanthin & phospholipids in the most bio-available way. MediKrill has been proven to improve heart health, cognitive function, joint health and women health.


A patented floral-fruit based extract, MediTrim is a fat burning product with anti-adipogenic and lipolytic properties that can reduce body weight, body mass index (BMI) and both waist and hip circumference. With a convenient twice-a-day dosage, MediTrim perfectly complements a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen, letting you lose weight safely and effectively.


Ostinol is an all-natural, orally bioavailable bone morphogenic protein (BMP) supplement that helps your body build new bone and cartilage while simultaneously prohibiting inflammation. Containing a number of key growth factors such as TGF-Beta, IGF, BFGF and VEGF, Ostinol has been shown to produce clinical benefits in as few as seven days.